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About #

Vasilis Plavos is a passionate problem-driver person with a demonstrated working experience in insurance and legal services industries, running his own startup company in the insurtech field.

Knowledge of Vasilis Plavos in Full-stack web development with Javascript + ASP.Net Core (CRUD REST API), his experience in Python for data scraping, his practising in Android development, his understanding of modern web technologies and his willingness to improve as a Lead Developer, makes him the perfect fit for the web development field.

His participation in Coding Bootcamp, Tech meetups, Hackathons, and Tech conferences are further elements that enrich his biography. His next goal is professional development in the field of software web development and innovation, coupled with the continuing desire to learn and advance in these fields.

Vasilis, in his free time, likes traveling, watching Netflix, reading anything around human needs/problems.

Familiar technologies #

  • RESTful API
  • ASP.Net Core for Web APIs (CRUD)
  • MySQL, Microsoft SQL, SQLite3
  • Javascript
  • Vue.js
  • Vuetify
  • Node.js
  • Git
  • Python 3
  • VS Code
  • WordPress
  • Visual Studio Community
  • JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • Postman
  • Firebase Deployment

A day in my DEV life

Every day I love learning what’s new about software technologies and how they can make life easier.

I am an everyday learner watching courses on Udemy and I am keen to learn best practices on using technologies like React, VueJS, ASP.Net Core, Firebase, Rest API, GraphQL, Material Design in separate cases and improve my experience in Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP).

Also, I love running side projects for practice. You can take a look at my work.

A YEAR in my life

I had the honor to learn a lot of things in Tech Entrepreneurship been part of many acceleration programs like Be Finnovative by National Bank of Greece, Startup School by Y Combinator, IdeasThatChangeUs by NN Insurance Group, Orange Grove and IdeaHackers, etc.

Also, I had the honor to award my startup, providing an insurtech solution, by most Insurance Companies in Greece, and present it at the MWC Exhibition in Barcelona.

My personality…

  • Can’t sleep at night if a problem didn’t solve
  • Love to work as part of a team
  • Has a professional experience on Insurance Industry and Tech entrepreneurship
  • Thank her for creating value and achieve rewarding
  • Has willingness to travel (both nationally and internationally)
  • Is excited about innovation when it is solving functional problems

Portfolio #

Full-stack Development & Web Applications

Furl – Create Magic Facebook Links


Live | Code

Technologies: Javascript, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, PiliApp

Furl is a web application helps users redirect to facebook pages magically. Using a FURL link user will redirect to the Facebook Application on Android or iOS or to the browser using Desktop.

Try to open this url with mobile phone:

Forma Gov SMS Application

Forma Gov SMS Application
Forma Gov SMS Application:

Live | Code

Technologies: Vuejs, Bulma, Firebase, LocalStorage, ServiceWorkers, SPA

A COVID Application to send SMS at 13033 asking for permission to go out. It is a single page application using local storage to save user information and service workers to run offline. There is no need for installation but if the user wants can install it as an instant application.

CRM (in progress)

Technologies: .Net Core, Microsoft SQL, Vuejs, Axios, Vuetify, Nodejs, Visual Studio 2019, VS Code

Building an easy-to-use CRM system for small and medium-sized businesses, applying cutting edge technologies regarding web software.



Technologies: Vue, .Net Core, PostgreSQL

Project succeeded learning Full-Stack Vue, .NET Core, PostgreSQL Web Development on Udemy. (course)

DarkSky PWA

DarkSky Weather Progressive Web Application PWA
DarkSky Weather Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Live (TBA) | Code

a Weather progressive web app using Darksky API and running offline.


CRM Back-end (in progress)

Building RestAPI as the back-end of CRM using ASP.Net Core for the web API and Microsoft SQL technologies.



Technologies: .NET Core 3.1, SQL Server 2018, Visual Studio 2019

Build a RESTful API with Authentication and learn how to consume them in ASP.NET Core in a real-world application. For the implementation, I use Models + DTOs, Controllers, Mapper, Repos + Interfaces, and JWT Auth. (course)

API using Flask

Live | Code

API using MongoDb, ExpressJs and NodeJs


Other examples

Like the back-end of SollarCoffee and ToDo List.

UX/UI Design and SEO Optimization

Brain 360: A full CRM for insurance agencies and brokerages

UX/UI design and mock-ups. Ask more

Lightweight AdPlatform

UX/UI design and mockups using material design and focus on simplicity.

Keywords Matching Platform

UX/UI design and mockups using material design and focus on simplicity.

Landing Page Mockup of

UX/UI design and context structure on this WordPress site using SiteOrigin page builder focus on lead generation and Search engine optimization. landing pages

Landing Page Mockup of

UX/UI design and context structure on this WordPress site using SiteOrigin page builder focus on lead generation and Search engine optimization.

Other exercises

And tones of exercises at my GitHub like:

  • A WebTorrent viewer (live)
  • An application for Web Meetings using Jitsi technology (live)
  • Scrape and Search at using Python (live) | (code)
Scrape and Search at using Python
  • I clickable table with animals and reactive background colors based on the selected animal (live)
  • Guess the Number game with Javascript, CSS3 & HTML5 (live) | (code)
  • An animated calendar view with HTML5 and CSS (live) | (code)
  • A Fuzzy Matching Algorithm and a WordCounter example (live) | (code) | (algorithms)

The candidate managed to implement both split and fuzzy tasks. The code is good, clean and consistent and uses try/catch blocks.

Head Developer @ Strategic Agenda
  • A bulb that turns on and turns off ( l | c )
  • A boring shopping list( l | c ) and a more catchy list ( l | c )
  • A translation example direct in one HTML ( l | c )
  • WUKillaQuiz Android Application (code) | (code review by instructor)

To be honest, the quality of your work is certainly above the average. I honestly wouldn’t change anything you did.

Code reviewer and Instructor of the Google Scholarship
  • News App Android App with Android Studio, Java, API, Json & Async Tasks (code)
  • Trikala TourGuide Android App with static information about Trikala, Kalambaka, Meteora and places around. (code)

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