ChatGPT for Developers Cheatsheet+

ChatGPT prompts

  • Complete this code {code}
  • List possible code completions for {code}
  • Write {programming language} code to accomplish {task or feature}
  • Write code in {programming language} using {framework or tool} to accomplish {task or feature}
  • Write regex to find {eg. all emails} in a given text
  • More

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ChatGPT for Designers

What you find in this cheat sheet:

  • 6 key terms defined in simple words.
  • 7 prompt structures to get the answers you expect.
  • 7 tones of voices adaptable for various design scenarios.
  • 6 useful commands you need to know.
  • 6 plugins that are a must for every designer.
  • 6 extensions that will take your ChatGPT game to the next level.
  • 4 additional resources to learn how to create better prompts.

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